Many brides and grooms today are having a DIY wedding, handling many of the needed tasks for the ceremony and reception themselves or with the help of a few friends and family members. This can be a good choice for very small weddings or those held at a private home; however, you might note a few tasks that you should still leave to wedding hire professionals no matter the size of your wedding.


Never forego the use of tents or some type of canopy for an outdoor wedding, even if you live in an area with a very enjoyable climate. Sitting too long in the sun, even on a mild day, can make guests uncomfortable, and a canopy or tent can also protect you from a light rain. A tent will also hold heat under its ceiling, which may be needed as the sun goes down and the evening gets a bit chilly. Choosing a professional to manage this tent or canopy can ensure that it won't collapse on your guests or blow away in a sudden wind!


Even if you'll be serving only dessert, or just the wedding cake, you still want some professional assistance when it comes to food at your reception. It may sound easy to purchase some items from a supermarket and then serve them to your guests after your wedding, but consider the space needed for all that food storage and the time and effort to slice and serve items. A bride and groom should be enjoying themselves at their reception, not spending time as a wait staff! If you don't hire professional caterers for the wedding, at least hire some added help for serving your guests.

Flowers and centrepieces

If the bride only wants to hold a flower or two during the ceremony, creating a bouquet will probably be easy enough. However, even simple bouquets can sometimes be clumsier to create than you realize, as are centrepieces for the reception. Don't assume you can simply buy a bunch of flowers from a florist the morning of your wedding and tie them with ribbon and have a nice bouquet, or be able to set them on tables at your reception venue, as those flowers might wilt or sag when you hold them, and flowers just set on a table might blow away! You also don't want to worry about managing several vases and other pieces needed for centrepieces, so leave this work to a professional for your wedding day.