When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing a unique theme is a good way to add some personality to the ceremony and reception, and to make the occasion truly your own. A theme can also add a bit of fun and whimsy to your event and make it easier to decide on the decor and accessories. If you're ready to plan your wedding, note a few unique themes you might consider, and then talk to a party hire company about the pieces they have available that can make your chosen theme a reality.


If you love the beach, bring it to your wedding with a tropical theme! You might rent a tiki bar and have a bartender serve margaritas and other tropical drinks, and decorate your venue with palm trees, seashells and jars of sand. Choose bridesmaid dresses in sandy beige or ocean blue, or a soft tropical pink, and opt for tropical flowers for the bride's bouquet, including orchids and lilies. You can even have a luau for your reception, with roast pig and baked apples, and a pineapple upside down cake for dessert!


Similar to a tropical wedding, but a better choice for those who love boating, is a nautical theme for the wedding. Opt for blue-and-white striped tablecloths, and a bold blue for the bridesmaid dresses. Decorate the venue with anchors, marina rope, and weathered wood accents. Choose a seafood menu for the reception with lots of fish and shrimp, along with a tropical punch to drink.


If your wedding falls near a certain holiday, or you and your spouse-to-be love a certain holiday, use it for your wedding theme! A Halloween wedding can include black bridesmaid dresses, along with black and orange tablecloths, and lots of pumpkins as decoration. If you love Christmas, choose red or green bridesmaid dresses, along with red, green, or silver tablecloths. Put Christmas ornaments in a nice bowl as a centrepiece, and decorate with chrysanthemum plants.


Movies make for a great wedding theme. Choose a wedding dress style from a classic film, and decorate your venue with movie reels, vintage cameras and red ropes to direct foot traffic. Set up a candy buffet with movie-style candy, and rent a popcorn machine for guests. You can even show a short film of the couple's romance during the ceremony or reception, or add even more fun by having someone use a clapboard and shout "Action!" to cue the wedding procession.