As the Australian spring/summer starts to heat up, your event planning is probably taking a look into the great outdoors! BBQs and beach parties are fantastic, but they're not your only options--with the addition of a marquee hire, almost anything can make a fantastic outdoor gathering. So what are your options?

#1: A summer wedding on the beach.

Plenty of people dream of an outdoor wedding--and a hired marquee is the perfect way to make it happen. You can have the simple, barefoot ceremony of your dreams out by the water, and then when the sun goes down pile into your marquee for a party that can last all night long--even if the summer rains kick in!

#2: A beer tasting with a twist.

What could be more Australian than a craft lager tasting party out in the summer sun? There you can have plenty of room in the great outdoors for chilling, relaxing, chatting and socialising, and set up your bars and tasting areas inside the marquee. If you can organise the licensing necessary to make it official, plenty of local parks will be available for events like this--but if you have a large enough garden, you can throw a bash like this for your friends without any of that hassle.

#3: A garden party to remember.

Speaking of large gardens, if your home comes with plenty of land there's a lot you can do with it once you add a hired marquee to the mix! While garden parties are great in their own right, you'll need some shelter if you want professional catering or a band. Marquees are also perfect for decorating; flowers, garlands, fairy lights and more are all fantastic ways to brighten things up a bit and make the place your own.

#4: A woodland gathering tinted with magic.

Is there anything more magical that a part out in the woods? Lanterns and fairy lights hanging from branches, an open fire in a safe clearing and all your favourite people in the world...there's probably no better way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or any other important event in your life. A marquee set up in a nearby open space means that you'll have somewhere to go together and keep partying if it should rain, and that you won't all need to bring individual tents to sleep in when you need a break from all the fun and games.