When planning your own wedding or reception at a venue that doesn't provide furniture of its own, you may find it easy to rent furniture like tables and chairs and even a canopy for your event. Very often a rental agency will set up the furniture and disassemble it when the event is over and can also add decorations and décor that make the space look very festive and romantic. Before you rent anything for a wedding, you want to ensure you've asked all the right questions of the rental agency and at the venue you'll be using. Note a few of those questions below.

1. Can certain chairs be used in your chosen spot?

You need to ask this question of both the rental agency and the venue itself. This is because certain chairs may not be good for an outdoor function and the rental agency may not allow their pieces to be set up in dirt or sand, but only on a permanent flooring of some type.

The venue you've chosen may also not allow rented furniture including chairs to be set up in their area. A garden or outdoor area with specific landscaping may get damaged from rental chairs, and beaches that are actually state property may also not allow rented furniture of any sort. Always ask what's allowed of both places before you rent anything.

2. Ask if added insurance is needed for rental furniture

When you rent items for an event, the rental agency will usually carry their own liability insurance but the venue may require additional insurance for the items you've chosen. If you have a certain number of tables and chairs, if a canopy is used, and other factors may require you to add to that insurance policy. Be prepared for this and always ask beforehand so you know your venue will be ready for you the day of your wedding, without telling you then that you need to provide additional insurance before they allow you to set up.

3. Always ask if you can add your own decorations

Never assume that you can even tie ribbons around canopy poles or the backs of chairs without the permission of the rental agency. They may provide their own decorations at an additional fee, but putting your items on their chairs may damage them or cause a delay when it's time to tear down your site and collect their items.

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