Many parents understand the importance of their child turning eighteen years of age. It is an age where the person is expected to show maturity, but still has a youthful exuberance and an ability to have fun. For this reason, eighteen is a great age to organize a special and memorable party. Here are some unusual ideas for planning and creating a fun and memorable party for a person who is about to turn eighteen.

A 'Remember Your Youth' Party

In the age of ubiquitous digital cameras, this style of party is fairly easy to organize and pull off. You will need to have a large amount of photographs of the person as they grew up. These are used to decorate the walls of the venue. For food, things from their youth should be supplied, such as pizzas, hot dogs and burgers. You could even get guests to buy them gag gifts; toys that they would of liked when they were young.

All of this can be topped off with a cake in the design of their favorite cartoon character as a child. This is an entertaining and inexpensive way to create and host a memorable party.

Host An Inflatable Party

At eighteen, a person is still able to appreciate the joys of inflatable equipment, such as castles, Velcro walls or rodeos. This enjoyment is intensified if a competitive element is introduced, for example, using an inflatable course. Friends can race each other through the course or see who can last longest on the rodeo. Many children have fond memories of playing inflatable equipment at a fair or a show; recreate these memories by hiring and using similar equipment at a party for them. Check out resources like White Marquee to find out what your rental options are.

Party in a Limousine

This is especially appealing to girls who have just turned eighteen. Although it can be a little expensive to hire, a limousine will add a touch of elegance and class to the day. If you can afford to hire the vehicle for a couple of hours, the person and a few friends can have a party in the limo, enjoying a tour of the city and taking photos. To top it all off, a trip to a place for a treat can be arranged using the limo.

Planning and arranging a birthday party for an eighteen year old is different to, say a 50th party; an element of fun should be kept in mind and used when planning the celebrations.