No matter the outdoor event, it's good to arrange for a marquee or tent hire for the occasion. Guests will appreciate some shade and protection from the elements especially when eating, and a marquee can also allow for dancing and easier mingling with other guests. When you're ready to arrange a marquee hire for your event, note a few factors you might remember.

1. Get flooring

Flooring for your outdoor event can be as important as the overhead marquee. Not only do you need solid flooring for dancing, but uneven ground can be very dangerous for guests. They may also not appreciate having to walk on grass or dirt when they're dressed up. Flooring can also keep tables level and even, so there is less chance of something in the buffet line toppling over. It's good to ask about flooring when renting a marquee as you want the two to coordinate; you may have more choices for flooring styles than you realize, so rent these two together for a cohesive look.

2. Ask about heating or fans

Rather than setting up separate heaters or fans inside your marquee, ask if they come with floor heaters built in or a ventilation system. This can make it easier on you overall, as you won't need to take up space for the heaters or fans and they will be very unobtrusive. This can also ensure the comfort of your guests overall as the summer heat can easily get trapped under a marquee, or they may not provide much insulation against the cold of autumn.

3. Add lighting and a backdrop

If your event will involve dancing or is held in the evening, add lighting to the ceiling of the marquee. This can set a festive mood and can also add to everyone's comfort and even their safety for events held after dark. A backdrop on the marquee is also good for seating the guests of honor. You can set up a special table or other seating against the backdrop and this calls attention to this area and allows your guest of honor to be easily seen by everyone. 

This can also be good for business meetings where there may be a presentation made. The backdrop can serve as a screen for a slideshow, or make it easier for everyone to see the presenter versus an open area where they may blend into the background.

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