Special birthday milestones call for special celebrations. Indeed, many people take the opportunity to organize an extravagant party for these occasions, helping to create a fun and memorable celebration. A great way to add an enjoyable twist to this kind of party is to add an element of challenge.

As well as hiring – if you desire – all the usual party equipment, such as trampolines and karts, here are three pieces of equipment that will allow you to blend some competitive team games with lots of fun:

Velcro Assualt Course

This is a large, inflatable assault course that features walls to climb, tunnels to crawl through and nets that you scramble under. Two people can line up side by side and race each other through the course. There is a little catch, however – the walls, tunnels and nets are lined with Velcro and the participant has to wear a Velcro suit as they race through the course. This adds a great amount of fun to the course as well as providing a little more challenge to the participants. Players can be divided into teams and the winning team could receive a prize that you have organized.

Team Demolition

This is another team based activity. A 'demolition zone' is inflated and features four pedestals, which players stand on. In the middle of the players, suspended by an inflatable frame and rope, is a large, inflatable demolition ball. The idea is to each take a turn at grabbing the wrecking ball and throwing at your opponent, who must dodge or withstand the impact without falling from the pedestal. It is two versus two on the pedestals, and teams can be made for those wishing to participate.

Batak Machine

This is a great piece of party hire equipment, as it is suitable for those who don't wish to exert themselves on the assault course or demolition zone. The Batak machine is a wall of buttons, each with a different number. The buttons will flash in a random sequence and the player has a short amount of time to react and press the correct buttons. People of all ages can play this game as it has a simple concept and one doesn't need to exert themselves too much when playing. Players can be divided into teams to add an element of challenge to the game.

It is important to strike the right balance between fun and competition when hosting a party that has team games. Getting the balance right – and hiring the right equipment – will ensure that you host an event that is fondly remembered by all who attended. To learn more, contact a company like Barlens.